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   Parish Council News - key points from November 1st meeting    8 November, 2012

Key Points from Nov 1st Meeting.

  • Work is continuing in the cemetery to control the rabbit population.
  • A group of councillors is considering plans to improve the cemetery grounds, the council will be making a decision on the work to be done at the next full council meeting on January 10th
  • The first order for new streetlights has been placed with Eon.
  • The council agreed to question the validity of the recent DDC Housing Needs Survey.
  • There is still an unresolved issue of flooding on Ravensthorpe Rd. Tilbury Rd will be closed in early November for patching repairs
  • There is a large amount of concern regarding the dangerous parking of vehicles at pick up and drop off time at the primary school
  • The budget for 2013-2014 was adopted and the precept level will stay the same as 2012-2013
  • The new footpath CR24 across Mr Knapp's land has been ploughed but this does not affect its use as a footpath. The council agreed to monitor the footpath as the new crop grows to ensure that the right of way is maintained.
  • There is a planning meeting on November 12th, 7.30 in the village primary school. There are 2 applications for the Forge House, Church Lane and 1 amended application for a wind turbine at Covert Farm.
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