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   Summary of PC Meeting on Thursday 14th March    21 March, 2013

Meeting summary – March 14th 2013

Key points –

  • Work on improving the cemetery grounds will start again as soon as the weather improves
  • The first new streetlights have been installed with the remaining ones due to be replaced in 2013/2014. Any problems with the new lights please speak to the clerk.
  • It was decided that the Village of the Year competition would be entered in 2014 due to time restraints this year.
  • The council discussed plans for a biennial village celebration, this will be discussed in more depth at the November meeting.
  • The council discussed repairs that may be needed to the bus shelter opposite the village hall
  • The Council agreed to offer financial assistance to the Playing Field Associations project to improve the seating inside the pavilion
  • Tilbury Road is going to be surface dressed in the spring
  • Ravensthorpe Rd is still flooding and it has been reported numerous times
  • The Clerk was asked to report to the Police the concerns that the council have with regards to dangerous parking around the drop off and pick up times of the primary school. It is felt that there will be a serious accident soon. In the last few days the Police have placed cones around the dangerous bends in the village and will be in attendance throughout the coming weeks.
  • The planning application for 42 Main St ( The Old Bakehouse ) has now gone to appeal at the Planning Inspectorate having been refused by DDC.


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