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   Neighbourhood Watch Updates - December 2015    7 December, 2015
  1. Fraud against the elderly - Elderly Targeted by Fake Police Officers
  2. Fake phone call requesting card payments
  3. Stolen vehicles
  4. Bogus callers


  1. There has been a recent series of incidents whereby fraudsters either phone or attend the home address of elderly members of the public, claiming to be police officers.

    The fake officer/s will claim that they are investigating a fraud which they believe the elderly person to be a victim of. The fake officer/s will then request the bank cards and personal identification numbers (PIN) of the victim and claim these are needed for investigation purposes. If the first contact was made by a phone call, the fake officer/s will tell the victim that someone will be over to collect the evidence. In one case the victim was instructed to attend their local bank and withdraw all of the money from their account. The suspect was left alone in the victim’s house whilst the victim carried out the instructions.


What to do;       Protect Yourself

Before letting anyone into your home who claims to be from any law enforcement agency, ask to see their identity card and check it by calling 101.

Ask if they can attend at a pre-arranged time when a family member or friend can also be present.

If you receive a phone call from a police officer, ask for their name and force and tell them you will call them back. Wait a few minutes and then use 101 to call them back through their force’s switchboard and verify their identity.

The Police will never ask for your PIN or passwords. Do not give this information to anyone. The Police will never request that you withdraw/transfer any money to them


  1. This notification has come from another NHW area … NHW Co-ordinators for Drayton NHW, Daventry report that they have had a telephone call from someone with an Indian sub-continent accent purporting to represent an organization call UK Preference Call.

The person knew their names and address details.

The caller said that their unwanted call blocking function had been upgraded.

He then asked for credit card and /or banking details.

When challenged about the request for such details he hung up. This is clearly a scam


  1. (Report from the NHW Co-ordinator Crick) A report from PCSO. Kirsten Bates of the Northampton Daventry Police that on Friday evening 04/12/15 or early Saturday morning 05/12/15 four vehicles were stolen from our local area.   Two of the vehicles were taken here in Crick from address on Fallowfields.  Not only did the suspects take the vehicles they also took other property for the homes. The other 2 vehicles were stolen in Kilsby.  The Police are requesting our help in locating the stolen vehicles.


Audi ....blue in colour  Reg:  KP13PZO

Mercedes-Benz.... white in colour  Reg: KS15BZB    both taken from Crick.

BMW....no colour given  Reg: LR61HHB

VW Golf...black in colour Reg: SE06GVN both taken from Kilsby.

At present we do not have a reported crime number but if you see any of these vehicles call the police on the local number of 101.


  1. There have been instances in Desborough of a bogus person knocking on elderly people's doors saying they are from the Meals on Wheels service.  When the door is answered they say they are going to fetch the meal, but they do not return. It is thought they are trying to see if the property is occupied. 

    We are informed that the service does not operate this way and people know to expect Meals on Wheels when appropriate.  The police have been informed of these incidents and it is thought they may spread to other areas.  Should anyone be approached in this way please report the incident to the police immediately.  Use 101 or 01604 888964.

    Please also warn any elderly neighbours and keep vigilant.
  2. Fraudsters have set up a high specification website template advertising various electrical goods and domestic appliances. These goods are below market value and do not exist. The fraudsters will request your card details via the website; however the purchaser will then receive an email stating the payment failed and they must pay via bank transfer.

    The fraudsters entice the purchaser and reassure them it is a legitimate purchase by using the widely recognised Trusted Shop Trustmark. The fraudsters are using the Trustmark fraudulently and have not been certified by Trusted Shops and therefore the purchaser is not covered by the Trusted Shop money-back guarantee.

    Protect yourself:Check the authenticity of the websites before making any purchases. Conduct a ‘whois’ search on the website which will identify when the website has been created, be wary of newly formed domains. Check the Trusted Shops Facebook page where warnings about websites using their Trustmark are published. If you are in doubt about the legitimacy of a Trustmark then you can contact Trusted Shops on 0203 364 5906 or by email service@trustedshops.co.uk. They will confirm whether they have certified that website. Payments made via bank transfer are not protected should you not received the item. Therefore always try to make the payment via PayPal or a credit card where you have some payment cover should you not receive your product. If the item advertised seems too good to be true, then it probably is.
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