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   Neighbourhood Watch Updates    22 November, 2015

Neighbourhood Watch Updates;

Cold Calling …

Recently the Police advised communities that various items of power equipment were being offered for sale locally by COLD CALLERS.  We are also aware that there are currently various services being offered to Parishioners via a liveried vehicle.  Services offered in this way will not carry the normal safeguards relating to fair trading or they may also be being used to identify targets for nefarious activities.  Should you see anything suspicious please report this to the Police on 101 giving as much detail as possible.

Courier Scams …

Scam No.1

A courier scam has recently been reported in Ruislip, London, where a resident received a phone call from a fake 'courier' company saying a parcel was on its way. On arrival, the recipient was asked to pay a small delivery charge by credit or debit card. Unknown to them, the handheld machine was used to clone their card and, later, to withdraw a large amount of money from various cash machines.

Be wary of accepting any surprise gift or package, which you neither expected nor personally ordered, especially if it involves any kind of payment as a condition of receiving the gift or package.  Also, never accept anything if you do not personally know or there is no proper identification of who the sender is.

Scam No.2

A friend has reported that a relative in Peterborough had a neighbour who answered the door to a person wanting to deliver a bunch of flowers and a bottle of wine. The neighbour was told that there was a charge of £2.50 for the delivery of alcohol and should be paid by debit/credit card. The neighbour put a card into the card box held by the caller who had typed in the amount and then asked for the pin number to be entered. Apparently the sum to be authorised was hidden by the caller's finger/thumb and a large sum of money was authorised - probably £250.

Scam No.3

A lady I know in Kettering has fallen victim to this. She had a knock on the door from a courier who said he was trying to deliver a parcel to her neighbour but they were out, so could she take it in and sign for it. She did this. Moments later there was another knock at the door when a different guy said there had been a mistake and it was the wrong parcel. He asked for it back and said he would return with the correct one. She handed it over and, of course, never saw the man or parcel again. Her neighbour was never the less billed for the parcel.

Thefts from a vehicle … No.1
Please be extra vigilant, as my son had his wallet and mobile phone taken from his car in the early hours of Wednesday morning. He swears it was locked but no signs of a break in. It has been reported to the police however on 101.
Luckily the phone was actually broken and he only had a tenner and one bank card in his wallet, plus his driving licence, so guess the thieves were pretty unlucky this time.
Just a reminder to us all to check that our cars are always locked when leaving the vehicle.

Thefts from a vehicle … No.2

Please pass this message to any members of friends who drive vans and particularly Ford Transit vans.

There have been a large number of thefts of power tools from tradesmen's vans, these have been particularly Ford Transit vans where there has been no forced entry but the owners are adamant that their vehicles were locked and secure. It is likely that a device freely available to purchase over the internet has been used to gain entry. The police advice to van owners is to be aware of this and to consider   either fitting additional security locks to all doors (Remote deadlocking kits can be fitted which means that the doors will not open without the remote) or to empty the van of valuable items and to place "Don't Bother" signs, which are available either from the police or NHW, on the vehicle which advises that the vehicle has been emptied of all valuables.

Remember … A safe neighbourhood is a vigilant one


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